Athletes Developing Clots after taking vaccine

Athletes Developing Clots after taking vaccine

Is this connected to the Covid vaccine ? A number of doctors think so. Athletes know their bodies well. If they say something is happening, maybe we should listen.

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Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum has a pneumothorax (collapsed right lung) and will be further evaluated, team says. 5:14 PM · Dec 7, 2021

Brandon Goodwin, 26, NBA Basketball blames the vaccine on his season being over. He says the NBA told him not to talk about it.  He wonders if he will ever play in the NBA again.

  •  John Stokes, 21, Tennessee State University Golf:  Got Myocarditis from the vaccine according to him. Shared his story on TikTok and had millions of views. His post with his story was deleted. This is after second shot of Pfizer Vaccine. Might not play GOLF again.
  • Jeremy Chardy, Pro Tennis: Once ranked 25th in the world in Tennis.  Says his season is over and possibly career after the vaccine was administered.
  • Greg Van Avermaet, Gold Medal Cycling: He blames the vaccine for his loss of performance.  He dropped out of World Championships because of his vaccine reaction.
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