Last Four Months VAERS Reports 3186 Deaths Linked to Covid Vaccines

JULY 11, 2021 UPDATE :  ( now reports over 9,000 deaths in the US following covid vaccination !, bell's palsy, vaccine adverse effects, vaers reporting, vaers, youngest death, following vaccination, moderna, pfizer, anaphylaxis, most common side effects,
adverse effects reported to vaers, deaths up by nearly 600 since the beginning of the year
  • number of reports are up across the board both on a weekly, and period basis vs the end of last year.
  • 20% of deaths were heart/cardiac related
  • deaths: 54% male, 44% were female
  • average age for deaths was 76 , youngest adult was18, youngest person was a five month old who died of a rare blood clot two days after the mother received her second dose of Pfizer vaccine.
  • 462 pregrant women including over a hundred confirmed miscarriages.
  • 55% of Bell’s Palsy cases were Pfizer-BioNTech related, 41% following vaccination with the Moderna.
  • over 90 Guilles-Barre cases half connected to Pfizer, 40% to Moderna.
  • 25th anaphylaxis with 43% Pfizer, 47% Moderna.

New reports of blood clots ; CDC panel votes in favor of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Blood clotting disorders have been reported following vaccination with Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccines. J&J vaccine was temporarily stopped on April 13 during which time U.S. health officials investigated reports of rare blood clots. Those investigations confirmed their suspicions, however the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted 10 – 4 to lift the restriction on young adults. It did so without adding any supplemental warnings to the product.

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