Could Graphene be in Pfizer mrna vaccine ? moderna yes

“On the same line was China’s waiver of Intellectual Property (IP) for the covid vaccine.” september 28, 2021 <— proof that these products are patented in China.

ex pfizer employee Karen Kingston recently did a 20 minute interview in which she makes the following claims.  Graphene in the Pfizer mrna vaccine ? Moderna 

  • Kingston is currently an analyst for pharmaceutical industry.  She was previously employed with Pfizer as a lead communications officer. 
  • mRNA vaccines contain a PEGylated lipid nanoparticle with ingredients as listed in key patent filings  1 2 among others (methods of preparing lipid nanoparticles January 31, 2019) 
  • multiple sclerosis, tremors,  
  • she talks about Pfizer’s plans for booster shots every six months. 
  • lipid nanoparticles – contains four lipids 
  • cholesterol – helps push it through the blood 
  • phospholipid  – adheres to the cell membrane which allows permeability 
  • ionizable lipid – gives it a positive ionic charge needed to penetrate the mRNA to get into the cell. 
  • PEGylated lipid 

  • LAY SUMMARY, pfizer-biontech covid-19 mrna vaccine BNT162b2 concentrate for solution for injection BNT162b2 RNA  
  • the patent is 193 pages. graphene is not listed in the patent because it is a trade secret (alluded to by Bill Gates last decade) 
  • Graphene Oxide is listed in the patent for the covid vaccine in China.  Graphene is the main ingredient in hydrogel.  it is also the main material used in Spanish company Inbrain’s neural implants – used to treat conditions such as epilepsy; this company is the main competitor of Elon Musks Neuralink.
  • Possible uses in vaccines : from ScienceDirect : The nanosheets of graphene or GO can act as not only “support” for the growth of oxide nanoparticles, but also “spacer” for the inhibition of nanoparticles aggregation”. 

The reason they need the nanoparticles is because mRNA is unstable ; 80F weather kills it, sunlight kills it, saliva kills it. it rarely gets past the nasal-pharynx area of any healthy individual. it needs the lipid nanoparticle ‘biosphere’ created for it.
The lipid nanoparticle covering contains the four lipids and the graphene oxide GO. GO is 4000X stronger than titanium and withstands 1700 Fahrenheit temperatures – it makes the virus indestructible.

Pfizer EUA filing 27034 November 20, 2020 page 11 section 3 : vaccine composition, Dosage, Regimen. Pfizer’s filing with the UK – the 2 lipids listed are ALC0315 and ALC0159 ; A quick google search of the MSDS CAS numbers brings up SINOPEG -> COVID-19 Excipients : PEG2000 ALC0159 but this company is located in China. The PEGylated lipids are made by company SINOPEG. 

The Moderna patent SM102 lists PEG200 PEG500 PEG2000 : but you also find those listed as the Covid excipients at SINOPEG. – proof they are being manufactured in China. But SINOPEG lists Graphene as an essential ingredient.
September 1 2020 : “core shell structured polyethylene glycol functionalized graphene for energy-storage polymer dielectrics: Combined Mechanical and Dielectric Performances” -> graphene is a conductor of electricity. If graphene gets a positive charge it annihilates anything it comes into contact with. Right now the PEG in the vaccine does not have a positive charge (the +1 charge to get into the cell is carried by another lipid nanoparticle) but it can be activated in the presence of an ionized magnetic field.
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  1. it’s insidious the way both non-mrna vaccines were quietly scrapped and proven natural preventatives plaquenil and ivermectin are being intentionally withheld from public use.

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