Mitigating the Risks of Synthetic Biology
covid treatment options exist
entry retracted after a decade - suspicious
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Hidden Toxicity of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Ingredients
comparison of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-ACE2 binding affinities across species and implications

 Efficacy of the AZ Covid-19 Vaccine against B.1.351

dna polymerase rna->dna

The World Health Organization says Zambia has reported its first local case of polio since 1995, in a 2-year-old boy paralyzed by a virus derived from the vaccine.

so…the polio vaccine caused the polio case.

Efficacy of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) in preventing Severe Covid-19 Disease- update NAC is now banned from sale on amazon

False Positives :  study shows that 97% of PCR positives when run at 35 amplification cycles are non cyclical because the virus is dead.

200+ thousand Indians succumb to the effects of Polio Vaccines.  

pic 3 above

<<<<<<<<<  Ivermectin Works – studies, medical reports, analysis

Interesting comprehensive report on the Chinese miners who contracted a rare form of sars prior to the covid-19 outbreak.

            expected covid-19 vaccine adverse effects        

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  1. my response to the criticism of the Israeli study (vaccine vs natural immunity)
    -many critiques treat the Israeli study as though it was an RCT (randomized controlled trial), which it is not. This is understandable since I think doctors are more used to dealing with experimental studies, and may not be so familiar with the techniques used for observational ones. However it means that some of the criticisms raised are invalid;
    – it doesn’t matter that the sample covers just a small proportion of the population as long as it is large enough to account for the number of parameters, and reasonably representative
    – it also doesn’t matter that there are small differences between the treatment groups in terms of demographics or comorbidities since these factors are accounted for by covariates in the model, and the sample size is large
    – misinterpretation of a statement on page 6 of the study where they say “MHS is a 2.5-million-member, state-mandated, non-for-profit, second largest health fund in Israel, which covers 26% of the population”; they do not say that all of those people were used in the study (many of them may not yet have had their Covid-19 status recorded).
    – the observation that they were only able to match 16,215 people for model 1 because most of them were infected before the match date is not any reason to suspect foul play or bias; the remaining sample is still large enough and diverse enough to make valid inferences

    – does have a point about the matching for model 2, which I had not noticed before; i.e. the strange fact that they were unable to match 16484 people in the preinfected group with over 600,000 in the vaccinated group. However, when you consider that they are trying to match by age, gender and… GSA (geographic area), it suggests that perhaps there were several geographic areas that had yet to be vaccinated when the data was collected. The Guardian reported in early 2021 that Palestinian areas were excluded from the vaccine rollout which might explain it:

    The point about selection bias due to deaths is a valid one, but I doubt it would make much difference to the overall conclusions

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