3 months USA 1000+ mRNA vaccine related deaths moderna, pfizer

In just 3 months the USA database for vaccine adverse reactions linked 1000+ deaths to the mRNA vaccines moderna, pfizer. mrnavaccinedeathspfizermoderna


VAERS data- same database Data from January 2011 to present . -> the database

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10 years of data 14 total Flu vaccines Total number of deaths: 425 Total

3 months of data for just 2 vaccines 966 VAERS reported mRNA vaccine deaths

keep in mind that only a small fraction of incidents occurring after vaccination are actually reported. The blood clot deaths are not included since they have a direct connection only to the viral vaccines Johnson and Johnson & AstraZeneca.

Only a fraction of probable cases are reported to vaers and even those are scrutinized. Death occurring weeks after taking the vaccine precludes an association according to ‘the experts’ making it highly unlikely that any of those are being reported.

mrna-vaccine-deaths-pfizer-moderna mrna-vaccine-deaths-pfizer-moderna

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