Vaccines will CRUSH this outbreak : Fauci

White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci promised during an online event Friday with Duke Science & Society that “we will crush” the coronavirus pandemic, thanks to recent scientific advancements. “Biomedical research and science have given us something that just a decade ago would have seemed unimaginable — to be able to have a new virus that we had never had experienced before being thrust upon us and (throwing) us into one of the most extraordinary, destructive pandemics in over 100 years,” Dr. Fauci said.

just over the past few days, science has allowed us to have a vaccine from drugmakers like Pfizer that ensures “we will crush this outbreak.” It’s led to so many people suffering, “not necessarily directly related to being ill themselves, but all the secondary consequences that go with the effects of a global pandemic such as this.” And we’re continuing to learn more and more about all the different ways people are continuing to suffer from the virus — as well as the coronavirus symptoms they encounter and which keep getting discovered.

Author: seraphim
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