Vaccines linked to birth defects microcephaly in BRAZIL : zika virus

In northeast Brazil most of the population blames vaccines for the surge in birth defects.

In Pernambuco, the state hardest hit by microcephaly, even the doctors put the blame squarely on an expired batch of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. Millions of generation Z Brazilians are calling their health problems vaccine side effects

Zika itself is new to the country; epidemiologists believe it arrived in late 2014. Early studies of the virus indicate that as many as 80 percent of those infected are asymptomatic

derlanha, an 18-year-old mother of a child recently diagnosed with microcephaly, is inclined to believe vaccines may be the problem. She says she never had symptoms of Zika, but she did receive a shot from her public health clinic every month of her pregnancy. As she waited for an appointment at the public hospital in Recife, she tried to soother her fussing baby, but said she couldn’t recall exactly what the shots were for.

“Maybe I got one that was out of date,” said Ederlanha, who declined to provide her last name. “I don’t believe it’s a mosquito that causes microcephaly. That’s an invention of the government … Everybody I know is saying that it’s an out-of-date vaccine.”


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