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vaccines or gene therapy ?

Public health officials have only ever eradicated one disease

POPULAR SCIENCE MARCH 2019Pathophysiological Basis for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) InfectionHYDROCHLOROQUINE / PLAQUENIL WORKS  but national stockpile remains under lock and key

“It seems to me reckless to be pushing people to take risks when you don’t know what the risks are,” “People’s rights should be respected. Where is ‘my body, my choice’ when it comes to this?” – Jane Orient MD

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Fauci, gates sr, rockefeller, soros, ted turner, major media influencers and even a hollywood scout.      The groundwork for CommonPass was laid out on April 21, 2020 by The Rockefeller Foundation 

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      What will you do ?

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covid 19 vaccine, 2019 vaccine, identification, contagious, mark, endtimes, buy and sell,            “The very first vaccines for COVID-19 to complete phase 3 testing are an entirely new type: mRNA vaccines. Never before have mRNA vaccines — such as the two-dose Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines that have now received emergency use authorization from the FDA — been approved for use in any disease.” – Harvard University                                                                                    Each vaccine has its own individual ingredients and each child and person has their own health to consider when it comes to making medical decisions and the same should follow when it comes to vaccines.                                                                                                                A new meta analysis of 54 studies involving 77,758 people finds the chances of transmitting covid-19 if you are asymptomatic is 25 times less if you are symptomatic.  analysis was published in the American Journal of Medicine.  Chance of infecting someone in household is 18% if symptomatic, 0.7% if asymptomatic.  in the EU just 478 cases or .78 per 100,000 were reported at gyms.                                                  

Vaccine Ingredients: thimerosal, phenols, aluminum salts, formalin.  normally vaccines contain either dead or live samples of the virus.  but not in the covid vaccine.

covid-19-sars-vaccine-inserts-astrazeneca-moderna-pfizer-side-effects-organisms-genetically-gmo-ingredients-allergyFor the first time ever a vaccine is using your body to make the virus using mRNA turning your body into a factory for the virus (specifically the ‘spike protein’ that gives the virus its corona/crown like appearance).  cytokine storm – priming the vaccine makes it more deadly pushes it deeper into cells of the body.  contains polyethylene glycol a chemical that 75% of Americans have an allergy to.

Moderna vaccine – similar to pfizer same mRNA approach .  AstraZeneca does not use mRNA template but does use GMO genetically modified organisms.
Vaccine research suggests herd immunity requires 75% of the population be vaccinated. at that point unvaccinated individuals are no longer a threat and needn’t be vaccinated.
Seraphim's Advice
Pfizer vaccine : F  - wait for a better vaccine comes along.
Astrazeneca vaccine : B preferred - costs a quarter of pfizer's at 3-5 dollars a dose.
Pfizer needs to be stored negative 70 degrees celcius.  impractical temperature makes it dangerous at room temperature.  contains polyglycol
wa chemical that 75% of Americans have an allergy to. question : how long before effectiveness wears off.

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