Black Doctor Testifies Against Pfizer Covid Vaccines

doctor testifies against pfizer covid vaccines

Vaccine mandates and requirements are based on the faulty assumption that the vaccines in question prevent transmission of the pathogen. In fact other vaccines – those for the flu and whooping cough don’t prevent transmission.

Doctor Christina Parks holds a PhD in cellular and molecular biology from the Michigan State medical school. Based on what the covid vaccines are designed to do in the body she likens them to gene therapy. Michigan is debating House Bill 4471 which would prohibit vaccination as a condition of employment.

The vaccines for covid were never designed to prevent transmission: But what about the 95% effectiveness ? If you look at those clinical trials they never say that they prevent transmission they expressly say that they are measuring whether they attenuate symptoms – so they’re 95% effective at attenuating symptoms for the first variant only, which is essentially gone; now the predominant variant is delta and CDC director Will Lynskey says these vaccines have no ability to prevent infection and transmission of the delta variant.

Policies should not be built on the hope of what we think we wanted something to do. The data shows that the vaccines do not stop the virus from infecting and replicating in the nasopharynx region. they’ve only been shown to prevent replication in the lungs but in the other regions the mucosa is very different from the lungs. It’s very different than the blood; you make antibodies in the blood, but the virus isn’t infecting your blood it’s infecting your mucosa and you don’t produce any IgA to neutralize it. In fact with the delta variant, the unvaccinated and the vaccinated have similar amounts of virus in their nose and throat. In Barnes Stable, Massachusetts the CDC tracked an outbreak of 469 cases 74% occurred in fully vaccinated people. 4 of 5 of those hospitalized were vaccinated. Federal agencies and the CDC are basically misleading the public.

DTap – the scientists of the CDC have known since 2014 that the A cellular pertussis vaccine does not prevent people from contracting the pertussis bacteria. it was never designed to do that – only to neutralize the pertussis toxin (whooping cough). this means that a vaccinated child can bring the bacteria home to newborn babies who can then die from it – the baby dies not because it caught the bacteria but because it didn’t neutralize the toxin. Today there’s a resurgence in pertussis because of the design of the vaccine. we can’t mandate something that does not prevent transmission.

Same thing goes for the flu vaccine – it does not matter whether you’re vaccinated against it or not you have the same chance of getting the flu it only prevents symptoms in people who are vaccinated. in the first year it is 65% effective at doing this but after that it actually has negative effectiveness meaning you are more likely to get even more severe disease in the future. Tthat’s because it influences the mutation of the virus. -> you are more likely to have more viral replication and you are more likely to be hospitalized.


We are seeing the same thing in covid with the delta variant. How can we mandate people to get a vaccine when it will make them even more sicker after exposure to a different variant. with the delta variant when you’re vaccinated your body is suppose to recognize the virus and neutralize it but with this new variant instead the antibodies are helping the taking the virus and helping it infect your cells.PHD’s are the most vaccine hesitant group followed by people with a high school degree because they know what they don’t know and they don’t trust their government.

70% of African Americans have not taken the covid vaccine and there is good reason for this – Between 1930 and 1970 the CDC conducted the Tuskegee experiment where they took on untreated males with syphilis and they refused to treat them even after antibiotics became available. The CDC did not tell them that they had syphilis but that they were there “to help them”; they did not secure their health they abused them. in 2012 whistleblower william thompson came forward and said we published a study that said MMR vaccine does not cause autism, but we lied. in fact we shared data that when black boys are vaccinated on time they have increased rates of autism diagnosis, and we shredded it and we left it out of the paper. 70% of black people have refused the covid vaccine : are we then going to exclude 70% of African Americans from the workforce ? from education ?

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  1. They should jab all scientists, doctors and the people that make these so called vaccines including Bill gates in front of the whole world and turn on 5 G network.

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