Vaccine Cytokine Storm delayed organ death

After a few months in our body the antibodies attack the organs, which make viral proteins using the mRNA from vaccines.
Professor Dolores Cahill is a geneticist and immunologist at the University of Dublin, she is part of the ACU 2020 collective.
Cahill explains that the effects of mRNA vaccines will manifest themselves months later, and that we don’t want them labeled as Covid deaths, when in reality they die from the effects of mRNA vaccines.

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The antibodies that will react to the presence of new coronavirus and its external proteins will activate by spotting this protein and they will find it in your organs because with the mRNA from vaccines, your body synthesizes it.
So the antibodies will attack all the organs that have this protein and destroy your organs leading to death.
Only an autopsy will reveal the true cause of death, such as inflammation from the cytokine storm caused by the vaccine.

Vaccine Cytokine Storm delayed organs

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