Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Killed Eric Otero, man 63 doctors in denial

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In December 2020 –Mr Otero participated in the Johnson & Johnson Trial COVID vaccine shot. They promised all medical expenses paid for any complications related to COVID for up to two years. Eric found security in the medical expense coverage and possibility to have access to a vaccine, that he decided to do the trial.

chronology of events courtesy of his daughter

Jan 4th 2021 By the first of the year, he was very sluggish and found it hard to do his exercises that he does weekly.

Jan 11th – 18th Asthma like symptoms, harder to get through his workouts. Very short of breath and started to be winded very easily. Low grade fevers. Hard to make it through calls at work

Jan 25th – Mr. Otero contacted Johnson & Johnson and they did a COVID test. Results came back negative 3 days later. They found flu like symptoms and recommended rest and to drink lots of fluids.

Jan 29th he could barely walk. His legs became so weak that he shaked when he walked. He thought maybe he was battling a flu and tried to keep resting through the weekend in hopes he would feel better.

Feb 1st – Wife brought him in to Lake Mary Emergency room and they immediately transported him via ambulance to Advent Altamonte because of very high troponin levels.

Feb 1st – 4th -Was at Advent Health Altamonte where they ran all kinds of tests and discharged him on the night of Feb 4th . Referring him to an oncologist, infectious disease Dr, cardiologist and PCP.

Feb 5th- Mr Otero was immobile and very lethargic. The next day : Mr Otero could not get out of bed, pick up his coffee to drink, lift his head. He did not know what year, day, month we were in. At Advent Orlando he was diagnosed with a blood infection and swelling in brain.

Feb 20th Start dialysis. Family members do not the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Even after Mr Otero’s untimely passing on Feb. 27th, doctors and health officials remain adament in their denial of a connection. He was 63 years old.

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