Ruii China imposes mandatory lockdown vaccinations amid delta variant

Lockdown restrictions have been imposed for a third time in a Chinese city near the border with Myanmar amid a resurgence of Covid-19 and the emergence of the Delta variant.

Ruili, China (near Myanmar border) is a city of 270,000 in China’s southwestern Yunnan province. It imposed travel restrictions and mandatory isolation.

All stores are closed except for markets and pharmacies. Schools suspended in-person classes. On Tuesday, Ruili reported 15 locally transmitted cases. A government source told the Global Times that the more transmissible Delta variant was found in five recent imported cases.

Ruili Mayor Shang Labian as saying that the city “took immediate action after receiving case reports.” He said that around 900 health workers were brought to Ruili from elsewhere to conduct testing and treat patients.

Authorities have launched a campaign aimed at vaccinating the entire population of the city.

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