Eric Clapton calls out mainstream media Vaccines Propaganda

Eric Clapton calls out mainstream media on their ‘propaganda’ : vaccine safety information. Though he was already vocal in his opposition to covid-19 safety protocals in 2020 (with Van Morrison in the song “stand and deliver”) and the official narrative he nonetheless took the AstraZeneca vaccine in February 2021.

“I took the first jab of AZ and straight away had severe reactions which lasted ten days. I recovered eventually and was told it would be twelve weeks before the second one…,” Clapton wrote.

“About six weeks later I was offered and took the second AZ shot, but with a little more knowledge of the dangers. Needless to say the reactions were disastrous, my hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks, I feared I would never play again, (I suffer with peripheral neuropathy and should never have gone near the needle.) But the propaganda said the vaccine was safe for everyone…”


Clapton also voiced support for a number of youtube channels the msm routinely refers to as ‘conspiracy misinformation’.

In trials, there were “very rare reports of events associated with inflammation of the nervous system, which may cause numbness, pins and needles, and/or loss of feeling. However, it is not confirmed whether these events were due to the vaccine.

The AstraZeneca Vaccine has been outright banned by the European Union, and in the United States it is the only one of the four vaccines that has yet to receive Emergency Use Approval.

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