The War Against Anti-Vaxxers is real

In Europe, Germany will stop sick pay for unvaccinated people who have to go into quarantine because of COVID-19. Previously, Germans could claim for income lost due to having to go into quarantine after returning from abroad or coming into contact with a positive case.

Health Minister Jens Spahn said the move was a matter of “fairness,” arguing that by the time the new rule comes into force on Nov. 1, everyone who wants a vaccine will have had an opportunity to get one. Those who choose not to “will need to bdelta,variant,pfizer,vaccine,efficacy,down,up,increases,decreases,declines,change,fully,vaccinated,unvaccinated,optionsear responsibility for this then, including the financial costs,” he said.

CBCNews September 22, ’21

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United Airlines officials said 97% of its U.S. employees are fully vaccinated,’ just 1 week left before the remaining 2000+ face job termination.

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro attended a UN meeting in NYC earlier this week despite a rule that mandated all attendees be fully vaccinated. Bolsonaro believes that his antibody count from having COVID-19 is protection enough.


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13 year old girl forced to take the shot in order to participate in school sports.  Her heart stopped beating immediately after.  Is now in intensive care but doctors and media won’t even acknowledge a connection to the vaccine let alone report it.  how many other connected deaths are being intentionally censored ?

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  1. Are we going to ask businesses to take a hit — because they’re not able to operate at full capacity or because customers are skittish about patronizing a place where workers’ vaccination status is unclear — to accommodate someone’s personal choice?

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