Canadian doctor Dr. Hoffe : 62% of vaccinated will have higher rate of heart attacks, clots, blood pressure

Canadian doctor links vaccinations to heart attacks Canadian doctor says vaccinated will have higher rates of heart vaccines-compulsary-mandatory-negative-test-covid-19-spread-vaccination-immunity-second-dose-booster-pfizer-moderna-dimer-test-blood-clots-pressure attacks

the D-dimer test and his discovery that 62% of his jabbed patients are developing blood clots. This will cause high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks within 3 years. With each successive shot, the damage will add and add. Each shot contains 40 trillion mRNA molecules.

Just 25% of the molecules stay in your arm. The rest is absorbed into the lymphatic system which transports it throughout the body. The result : trillions of cells of spike proteins are created.

Circulating in the lymphatic system, into the vascular, capillary network, turning smooth cells into rough, spiked cells that more easily clot.

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