Censorship of Doctors and Nurses speak out

Covid Censorship of Doctors and Nurses speak out Ontario Canada doctors Dr Byrum Bridle and Dr Donald Welsh PhD. They represent two members of the Canadian Covid Alliance group. The group has hundreds of members most of which are too afraid to speak out.

An unnamed Ontario was nurse pressured into taking the vaccine never informed of the potential risks. Four days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine this 30 year old otherwise healthy nurse was diagnosed with heart inflammation and fluid buildup. She has one kidney and that has been affected also. The media calls this a ‘rare event’ that is only affecting men but this nurse says that it has happened to a number of other women and that is in just one hospital. Even after this, the nurse is still being advised by doctors to get the second dose. “seems purposely trying to harm us”

Never before experienced this type of muzzling of dissenting views and censorship. Completely new technology in these vaccines and new interventions with have never been used before in public health. Physicians are taught to be critical – Many medications get pulled off the market even after full approval. Health officials are jumping the gun because recommendations often get reversed.

The underpinning of science is to have open debate. New literature is emerging. Vaccines could not be used if there were good and effective safe treatments available. In the earliest studies the control group was taking an unknown amount of ivermectin but over time an avalanche of data emerged in favor of ivermectin. When Dr Philips followed the science his opinion of ivermectin changed and only then was he censored. Individual MP’s are not even able to present their own opinions..

Doctor Byrum Bridle is an associate professor of immunology at the University of Guelph. Has throughout his career been a voice of objective and scientific opinion – as a publicly funded servant who works in academic institution sees it as his responsibility to give the most informed answer that he can.

He and hundreds of other Canadian medical professionals (mostly MD’s) developed a comprehensive guide for parents at canadiancovidcarealliance.org.

Two weeks ago Dr. Byrum Bridle gave a 5 minute interview during which he was asked if he believes there could be a link between covid vaccine and heart inflammation in young males (in Israel). He is a vaccinologist, publishes information on vaccines and has a lot of expertise in this area. Collaborates with other physicians who have sincere concerns. After the interview it was like a nuclear bomb went off in his world. within 24 hours there was a website put up, fake twitter account used to attack him. Colleagues of his have been harassing him on social media and in the workplace. Smear campaign; the release of confidential medical information about his parents by a practicing physician.
Developed a support network called Canadian Covid Care Alliance. Exist like minded medical professional who speak freely about the science of the covid-19 vaccine. Just two of the hundreds of physicians will speak up the others are too afraid to.

In the interview : he explicitly says that there is a link (between the vaccine) and heart inflammation. This was learned from a large body of scientific literature and reports submitted by Pfizer to a regulatory agency in Japan.
Traditional vaccine technology : vaccine will stay in the shoulder -> cells will pick up the spike protein and proceed to take it to the local lymph node -> Cytotoxic T cells go throughout the body looking for the virus.
The messenger RNA vaccines get distributed throughout the body; just 21% only stays in the arm. PEG lipid nanoparticles of fat originally designed as gene therapy vectors is designed to help facilitate the spread throughout the body – 5X more spread and even dampening the very function of the vaccine that we want. One rat study is not enough; need at least two animal studies. Also note , just female mice were vaccinated in the reproductive studies. these are completely inappropriate models for safety. here have been too many shortcuts. Assessed safety profile has to be exceptionally high when children are involved.


Doctor Patrick Philips represents hundreds of physicians who support his viewpoint.

He is an emergency department MD in small town southern Ontario. Never seen so many people coming into emerge with metastatic cancer, first timers, suicides. Rumors in the medical community that the medical college was coming after people. The medical college then released a chilling statement : It’s the professional responsibility of every physician not to communicate any anti-vaccine, antil-lockdown statements and do not promote unproven treatments”.
A few treatments vitamin D which health minister has named fake news. He reads peer reviewed literature showing 50% lower mortality with vitamin D. Last few months learned about ivermectin. Billions of doses administered around the world. World leading scientific physicians and researchers including Pierre kory. 97 studies and randomized controlled trials showing lower risk of hospitalization. 14 studies for prophylaxis : take it early and you reduce chances of getting covid. College of Ontario Physicians now taking action against physicians for speaking out. 75% reduction in mortality = ivermectin. not even allowed to recommend vitamin D despite mortality benefit. lives are being lost and we need to speak out.

there have been too many shortcuts. assessed safety profile has to be exceptionally high.
backed by Robert Malone. genuine concern for children. his career has been destroyed. we’re polarized in Canada. Cost benefit analysis in children more harm than good without the safety tests. can’t suppress open discussion of science and medicine in Canada. it’s the hallmark of a democratic society.
some politicians approached him privately.

facing extreme pressure and censorship for asking legitimate questions.

Doctor Donald Welsh professor at the university of western Ontario.
“if you don’t make mistakes your doing it wrong. if you can’t accept your mistake then you aren’t doing it at all”
obfuscation and misdirection. no institution can claim to be an oracle of science. reason/transparency. science has not been functioning properly last 15 months due to covid,19. well intentioned actions ultimately failed. backed by published data , openly ridiculed, publicly shamed, career threatened. question all aspects of public actions to covid,19. public health response hasn’t kept up with the facts on the ground.

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