Ivermectin Powerful Antiviral Covid Treatment

Ivermectin Powerful Antiviral Covid Treatment Ivermectin is and has been used on humans for decades. Professor Paul Merrick, Pierre Kory MD, St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center Pulmonologist says

” I am severely troubled by the NIH, FDA, CDC. I do not know of any task force that was assigned or compiled to review repurposed drugs in an attempt to treat this disease; everything has been about novel and or expensive pharmaceutically engineered drugs. Things like Tocilizumab (interleukin-6 inhibitor, ameliorates the inflammatory manifestations of covid-19), and Remdesivir and Monoclonal Antibodies.

Pierre Kory MD, St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center Pulmonologist

we have 100 years of medicine development and there is no taskforce assigned to this. Ivermectin basically obliterates transmission of this virus.” In Africa people take it to prevent and cure river blindness, they even take it weekly suggesting that long term use of Ivermectin is not problematic.
Ivermectin is readily makeable, has been around for a long time and is no longer under patent.  Anyone can make it and not violate any laws.  Merck owned the patent until expiry in 1996.  In 2015 a nobel prize was awarded to a 1950’s Merck scientist for discovering the compound that became ivermectin.

Evidence showing ivermectin is effective not only in prophylaxis but also in prevention : if you take it you will not get sick. Argentina – 800/800 took it didn’t get sick – 237/400 who didn’t take it got. Ivermectin has immense and potent anti-viral activity. we know that from the first study done at Monash University research center.


Prophylaxis – we know have Four Large randomized controlled trials totaling over 1500 patients each trial showing as a prophylaxis agent it is immensely effective. – you will not get sick you will be protected if you take it. In early outpatient treatment we now have 3 randomized controlled trials and multiple observations as well as case series showing that if you take ivermectin the need for hospitalization and chance of death decrease.

The most profound evidence is in the hospitalized patients. Four randomized controlled trials there as well as multiple observation trials all showing the same thing : you will not die or the rate of death is at much lower rates. Statistically significant large scale results show this if you take ivermectin. It is proving to be a wonder drug – has already won the nobel prize in medicine in 2015 for its impacts on global health in the eradication of parasitic diseases. It is proving to be an immensely powerful antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent. It is critical for its use for Covid-19 to be permitted on a large scale.

2020, Australia – Ivermectin inhibits sars-cov-2 in vitro

2021, Bangladesh – A five day course of Ivermectin (+ doxycycline) for the treatment of Covid-19 May reduce the duration of the illness

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