Unvaccinated Being Denied Organ Transplants United States

Unvaccinated People Denied Organ Transplants United States

The crazy thing about this happening is that the jab is known to reduce the amount of natural antibodies which is a component of plasma (donations of which are are down significantly). This seems to be more of a risk to the system than the presence of unvaccinated people in a confined hospital setting.

The University of Colorado Health Center in Denver has made covid19 vaccination a requirement for transplant recipients and living donors “in almost all situations.” They allege that unvaccinated recipients have higher mortality rates, and that unvaccinated living donors can still transmit the COVID infection even after testing negative. “This is why it is essential that both the recipient and the living donor be vaccinated and take other precautions prior to undergoing transplant surgery,” “Surgeries may be postponed until patients take all required precautions in order to give them the best chance at positive outcomes.”   Leilani Lutali, originally found out about the hospital’s policy after her donor, Jaimee Fougner, was asked about her vaccination status during some testing required prior to the procedure. “She said, ‘Oh, by the way, have you been vaccinated for COVID-19?’ I explained to her that no I hadn’t, and because of my religious beliefs I couldn’t be vaccinated for it,” Fougner said. “And she said ‘well, unfortunately, then that means your journey ends here.’”

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