Vaccine is “potentially dangerous” for covid19 survivors, natural immunity

Indiscriminate vaccination of persons with natural immunity or those with recent infections is potentially dangerous.

“We should not be doing it — and we should demand that FDA and CDC shift their recommendations to restrain vaccination of the recently infected or naturally immune. ” Anything short of mandating ScreenB4Vaccine is a crime.

Doctor Hooman Noorchashm MD, PHD

A more nuanced approach to population level vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic is needed. Natural infection with a virus promotes powerful and long lasting immunity. In fact, this can be demonstrated using simple blood antibody tests, which is the gold standard tool of measurement.

J&J’s demonstrated that naturally immune persons are protected from SARS-CoV-2 infection – this natural immunity is nearly five times greater than that from the vaccine. It is important to remember that bulletproof protection is impossible even in the naturally immune and that is because of covid-sars-2 unique properties/qualities/characteristics.

The problem encountered in vaccinated individuals already infected with the virus lies in the antigenic effect of the immune response. We know that this ‘attack’ focuses on the lining of blood vessels – too much of a response can cause blood clotting or worse.

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