Midwin Charles death connected to Pfizer Vaccine

Three weeks after getting vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine her tweets abruptly came to a halt. 3 weeks after that she died with no cause of death is given. Initially she was hesitant to take the vaccine due to being at high risk for anaphylaxis – she had peanut allergies and asthma. However it appears as though her doctor assuaged those concerns which absolutely gave her a false sense of security. The Pfizer vaccine is given in two separate doses. It is an mRNA vaccine that contains the highly contagious polyethylene glycol also known as PEG. As usual the mainstream media remains silent on this. Social media will likely censor any mention of a connection.

Author: seraphim
double major in Hon math and biology at Dalhousie University. working towards masters in mathematical biology interests include investing, canadian oil, lyme disease, reading journals, and the food industry (grocerynews.org has garnered a growing number of citations)

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