Mandatory Vaccination is nothing Short of Dictatorship

83% of cases in Ontario are vaccinated even though 78% of population is vaccinated. As of today 71% of hospitalizations in Ontario are fully vaccinated and this number is drastically rising. Vaccine effectiveness against omicron is negative as shown by Danish studies. 90% of deaths are in 70+ age and 95% had at least 1 comorbidity. What exactly is the point of these mandates when they don’t prevent infection or transmission and young healthy folks have negligible risks?

Mandatory Vaccination is nothing Short of Dictatorship

There is no way to make vaccination against COVID-19 truly mandatory, unless those refusing the shot are thrown in jail or physically restrained and forcibly injected. Regular fines for the unvaccinated, or existing government mandates that require vaccination in order to gain entry to, say, a restaurant, are also flagrant intrusions into basic rights.

The extent to which such an intrusive policy could be justified would only be as a temporary measure in the middle of a crisis. Even then it still disregards the idea that people should have control over their own health.

Canada: Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos speculated that mandatory vaccination will eventually be enforced. “I see it coming personally. Not now. I don’t think we are there yet,” he said.

February 2022: Austria will be issuing quarterly fines to the unvaccinated of between €600 ($860) and €3,600 ($5,170).  Greece is issuing monthly fines of 100 euro to the over 60 demographic and in Italy vaccines are mandatory for people over 50.

Democrats claim that such policies “get rid of COVID-19,” oblivious to the fact that as much as politicians wish it, they aren’t getting rid of the virus anytime soon. Such untruths, though, could be used to make compulsory COVID-19 vaccination a permanent feature of American life.

The primary argument offered in support of mandatory vaccines is to persuade enough people to get their shots, so that the spread of the virus can be slowed and is eventually left with nowhere to go, thus achieving herd immunity.
But this is not realistic and is blatantly false
– vaccine effectiveness against infection wanes over time
– vaccine effectiveness collapses against new variants
how can anyone justify mandates and fines given these facts ?

What if someone skips a booster shot after taking all previous ones ? will they be excluded from restaurants ? have to pay minimum fines ? lose their job ?

When the virus spreads among the vaccinated as easily as the Omicron variant has, herd immunity will continue to be out of reach.

More inexcusable is the fact that doctors have been complaining for months about the lack of pharmaceutical drugs that can help treat COVID patients. Specifically, monoclonal antibodies , a treatment that has been shown to reduce by as much as 85 per cent the chance of a mild or moderate case of COVID requiring hospitalization, is sparsely available in Canada, and states such as michigan.

Mandatory vaccine policies are a blunt tool aimed at covering up government ineptitude. The denial of basic civil rights has been repeatedly used to patch over political failures, it should not and cannot happen.

Author: seraphim
double major in Hon math and biology at Dalhousie University. working towards masters in mathematical biology interests include investing, canadian oil, lyme disease, reading journals, and the food industry ( has garnered a growing number of citations)

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