Mandatory Vaccines Enforced crossing Provincial/State border

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Mandatory Vaccines Enforced crossing Provincial/State borders
know your rights
Despite initially being denied entry without registering online/getting a number - which is a consent form that requires you be fully vaccinated crossing the Quebec border into New Brunswick, this man ended up being waved through. Why ? because he knows his rights ! the constitution protects him
- he has a medical condition which precludes him from getting the vaccine
- police told him that everyone traveling into the province must be fully vaccinated - July 16, 2021 government signed a bill making vaccines mandatory
- the constitution states that all Canadians are allowed to travel on public roadways unhindered - provincial border lines are public roadways
- supervisor comes out and tells him that he won't be allowed through.
- Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says he is allowed through since he must cross the border to get home.
- Officers are law enforcers and public servants per the Oath (to protect people's rights)
- No public law can supercede the charter of rights and freedom.
- the law states that people are allowed to travel on public roadways unhindered
- told him to move his car to the side which the man refuses to do telling the officer he will take this case to the supreme court where it will become a matter of public record. - he would hold them all liable for breaching their oath of office.
- next officer uses tries to lure him into a psychology trap with the classic "you must be having a bad day" line - man responds "I'm actually having a good day"
- the next reverse psychology lesson used by the police is "you know my dad was part of the flat earth society and he was a smart person"
- this checkpoint goes against the charter of rights and freedoms.
- June 9 all emergency mandates were revoked in Ontario - if this was truly an emergency that would never happen.
- did not consent to their requests
- officer ends by saying he can go through but he will have to provide his name.
- man refuses to give his name - constitution = inalienable rights
- officer then waves him through.

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