How to Navigate VAERS website – 30 to 50 thousand deaths reported

How to Navigate VAERS website – 50 thousand deaths reported

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  • cdc-vaers-deaths-adverse-vaccine-effects-mrna-pfizer-all-doses-2021-all-ages-genders-moderna
  • VAERS Data (start page)
    • Search CDC Wonder read the disclaimer and click ‘i agree’
    • click on ‘Request Form‘ – the first blue tab near the top
    • fill in : Symptoms; Vaccines; Vaers ID
    • as well as ‘Optional Measures’ – Adverse Event Description; Adverse Events After Prior Vaccinations
    • Browse : Vaccine Productions; Covid19
    • All locations
    • death
    • (select report completed dates) 2021 and then 2021 for every other requested dates
    • section 12 : Export Results and Show Totals

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