why aluminum in vaccines matters

why aluminum in vaccines matters

We are often told that there is so little aluminum in vaccines that it shouldn’t matter. but the kind of aluminum that we put into vaccines is Different than the kind of aluminum we see in nature. This is called a nanoparticle. Nanoparticles bind really tightly to the bacterial antigens, the virus antigens, food protein antigens and any other contaminants that are in the vaccines that we many not know about. and we know that the biochemical properties of nanoparticles is that they are capable of entering the brain. and so we have not evaluated the safety of the aluminum amount of particle and its injection and where it goes when it gets into the body and whether it gets into the brain.

Do vaccine ingredients belong in the brain ? No. Do they get into the brain ? noone has ever studied it. but animal studies using the same chemicals that are in vaccines given to children directly demonstrate that the vaccine ingredients do enter the brain. we are ignoring this information. There are scientists in Europe who’ve actually done studies on the aluminum nanoparticle and have shown that it can persist in the brain for years and decades. And so what we’re seeing is a large outbreak of neural developmental disabilities in adults, including alzheimer’s. and one of the main factors that they’re finding in the brains of these people is the aluminum nanoparticle that’s directly related to the vaccines that we’re giving. but still, we have never studied whether the aluminum in the vaccines gets into the brain. never measured if it gets into the brain, how long it stays in the brain. but we do know that vaccines are are suppose to cause inflammation in the body. but we have more than half of our children with chronic inflamed conditions. and we’ve never allowed ourselves to ask the question: if vaccines cause inflammation acutely do they continue to cause inflammation chronically. 1 in 5 with developmental disabilities, 1 in 10 with ADD, 1 in 35 with autism, 1 in 11 with asthma, 1 in 20 under the age of five with seizures. The autoimmune disease are exponentially rising and we are finding that the viruses and bacteria that we are injecting into the body along with the adjuvants create something called molecular mimicry, which means the body sees those viruses thinking that it’s foreign but actually finds pieces of those viruses that match pieces of the self and the immune system doesn’t differentiate between what it’s been told to reject and itself, so it will turn the immune system on itself leading to an autoimmune condition. We know this about hepatitis B, we know it about the Gardasil vaccine, and we know it about the flu vaccine. And we continue to say unequivocally that the vaccines have been studied effectively and that they’re safe and that’s just not true.

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